Our trading department activities are directed primarily to institutional clients, in both the domestic and international markets. Among our clients are municipalities, bond funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, corporations, banks, retirement funds, and investment advisors. Additionally, we directly service high net worth clients whose objectives often require the preservation of capital while still providing periodic income. For these clients, we provide the highest quality of service tailored to their personal specifications and we often assist their tax professionals with year-end documentation requirements.

In the fixed income market place, our extensive industry contacts enable us to locate bonds tailored to the client's needs including tax-free municipals, taxable corporates, mortgages and U.S. government products. Our firm trades both domestic and foreign certificates of deposit ranging from one week to ten year maturity as well as trading commercial paper for our corporate clients. We work with each account to locate the bonds that best meet their specifications, whether for an individual client or for an investment advisor working with multiple client accounts.

Our equity desk is primarily involved with the execution of institutional orders in the domestic markets. We can often lower the transaction costs for institutions, especially municipalities and other public entities. This is further enhanced by the experience of our senior traders and our understanding of the equity markets. Our traders have worked extensively with closely held securities and managed corporate stock repurchase programs.